The Crypto of Spritz Lovers


SpritzMoon Crypto Token (SpritzMoon), totally made in Italy,

is a Crypto Token developed on Binance BlockChain  (BSC)

 100% decentralized (DEFI)


 SpritzMoon Crypto Token (SpritzMoon), want  develop 3 goals:


1. Create a Community within which to develop creating economic and social value


2. Sociality is one of the strengths of this Crypto, large part of the gains realized over time  will be earmarked for concrete aid to the various associations related to the Spritz theme with a view to prevention. In addition Live Events will be organized for all Community members in the most Spritzosi locations of the moment


3. Allow all members of the community to use the token for Weekend Spritz with Friends in Community SpritzMoon Bar




SpritzMoon on Binance Smart Chain



New Token Address 0x6fC39AC154cfd20F1951A2823Abab7ec471B783a


Max Supply: 1,000,000,000,000


Circolating Supply: 799,954,895,868


Burnt: 471,528,541,626 (47%)


Market Cap: 1,141,405$



The Road Map & Time Line


 Step 1

Start listing on PancakeSwap Exchange  [done] 14.06.2021


 Increase Holders Token of 500 per month [done]


 Listing on Coinalpha [done]

 Activation of all Socials channels [done]



Listing  on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko [done]


Start of physical network Associations related and sensitive to the Spritz theme by destination useful for projects to raise awareness of the theme for Objective 2 development [done]


Listing on Coinsupreme and Coinhunters [done]

Listing on Top100Token [done]


Listing on Nomics [done]


Listing on Folgory Exchange [done]


Listing on Coinsbit Exchange [done]

 01.12.23 Closed Trading on


Listing on BlockSpot [done]


Listing on CoinLore [done]


                                                                           Step 2


SpritzMoon App  for buy/sell with credit card Fiat Eur/Usd, deposit Wallet and QR code to Swap SpritzMoon in all Network of SpritzMoon Community Bar

Strong Marketing Campaign

Shop Online Creation: Community Kit, Clothing, Accessories, Gift Ideas



Step 3

SpritzMoon Live Events  for our community in most important nightclubs such as discos, events, bars


Creation of  Spritzmoon CT Exchange for NFTs




The SpritzMoon Project


SpritzMoon  Crypto Token (SpritzMoon) is an easy-to-access, easy-to-reach Token Crypto.


The Brand SpritzMoon (The Crypto for Spritz Lovers) takes inspiration from what happens every day in the Crypto world with realities often related to characters from Comics, History or even animals (Doge and Shiba Inu to give a few examples).

SpritzMoon is inspired by the most famous Italian aperitif in the World, the Spritz and on this bond builds its distinctive characters.

The reasons for choosing SpritzMoon are:




1) On each individual Token 2 % is credited for each new purchased Token. From 21.06.23 fee is 0%

Practical example: Luca improves  1,000,000  of SpritzMoon; his friend Alessio enters into the Community  has also he 1.000.000 of SpritzMoon; the Luca's token, as all that already in Community, they will rise in 2 % in proportion of Alessio's purchase; after Alessio Francesco will have his 1,000,000 of SpritzMoon; the Token of Luca, Alessio and of all the belonging ones to the Community will rise in 2 % in proportion to the purchase of Francesco. This system lets to the single wallet grow automatically for each new entry in the Community!


2) On each Community entry a part of the liquidity, always 2%, will increase the Liquidity Provider (LP) to allow at any time the exit from the Community itself ( since SpritzMoon will be exchanged only on Exchange will not be foreseen this hold for the LP). From 21.06.23 fee is 0%


3) Is provided a "Burn of Token (Burnt) " in the way of increasing the value of the Token on the time (in all that he will be less and less Token in circulation and this will lead to an increase of the price, concept of shortage). From 21.06.23 Every Week Big Wallets Burnt for a total of 49 Wallets and 749.000.000.000 tokens Burnt!


4) The system is structured to discourage the sales: a fee of 2% (0% from 21.6.23) will be applied on each single sale and it will be distributed automatically for 2 % (0% from 21.6.23) garlic holder in the moment (like example preceding number 1). In practice the system will award a prize to the token Holders (those who will maintain the token for a long period).



5) The, advised, purchase of max 1,000,000 tokens in SpritzMoon for each Holder will allow the price a continuous and constant growth.


This simple and effective strategy aims to bring the price of SpritzMoon to the Moon, that's why SpritzMoon!




Sociality is one of the strengths of this Crypto, in fact it is foreseen by Statute that  part of the gains realized over time  will be earmarked for concrete aid to the various associations related to the Spritz theme, to prevent any kind of excess (The Whitepaper explains in detail how resources will be allocated to entities and associations sensitive to the # beverage # seguidinonbere # divertiticonlatesta theme).


Token Utility

Allow all members of the community to use SpritzMoon as a "Token Utility" for Weekend Spritz with Friends (the token has and will have a real economic value like any other currency) and spread on the territory will happen thanks to numerous facilities that will accept SpritzMoon Crypto Token (recognizable by the Logo sticker) for Spritz time. The objective of the Team is to develop a dedicated SpritzMoon App that will allow everyone to buy, sell and use SpritzMoon to take the Spritz as easily as possible in all Network facilities. And in future organize events for all community members in disco, bars and nighclubs in parnership with Aperol/Campari.



To conclude SpritzMoon is born at a time when the Crypto are and will become more and more a reality!



The Structure rewards those who buy & hodl; helps the Associations connected to the Spritz theme; the Brand is strong and inspires sympathy and carefulness with concrety of SpritzMoon Community Bar, SpritzMoon Delivery and SpritzMoon live Events.


The final OBJ? Always grow in time constantly and continuously and why not, hope that in the near future the objectives of this project can become something important (as other Crypto teach much better known than SpritzMoon) and for someone also the realization of a dream!





Ad Maiora!



Do you need speak with us?

How to have your SpritzMoon

Here is the procedure to buy or sell your SpritzMoon, follow step by step... and if you need help contact us :




1. Go on  your DEX (PancakeSwap or Poocoin o DexSwap)

*SpritzMoon is listed only on DEX



2. Deposit Crypto USDT on your account with wallet (for example TrustWallet or Metamask)


3. Buy SpritzMoon (SpritzMoon Crypto Token)


4. You can buy Spritzmoon with USDT


5.Congratulations, and welcome to the Community!


6. When you want you can Sell in  USDT and withdraw on your bank account with your personal wallet,simply.







Here are all the Social Channels to Join the  Community